Brownie Recipe in Cooker | Best Eggless Chocolate Brownies Recipe Without Oven

Brownie Recipe in Cooker | Best Eggless Chocolate Brownies Recipe Without Oven

Brownies, or Chocolate Brownie is a dessert devoured by all. Some like it fudgy, some like it cakey. Here I bring to you an Easy Eggless Brownie Recipe in Pressure Cooker that you can make in your home and surprise all! Homemade Brownies were never so easy 🙂

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• 140g : Chopped Dark Chocolate
• 57gm / ¼ cup : Butter
• 80g / ¼ cup : Condensed milk
• 125ml / 1/2 cup : Milk
• 65g / 1/2 cup : Powdered Sugar
• 95g / ¾ cup – Flour
• 25g / 5 tbsp : Cocoa powder
• 1/4 tsp Baking powder


• In a sauce pan, add a little water and let it heat up.
• As the water starts boiling, place in another bowl on top of it and add 140 gm of dark chocolate and some butter. Gently melt the chocolate and butter mixture. Once melted completely, keep it aside for a few minutes to cool down.
• In the meanwhile, heat up the cooker, by adding the salt. Place a wire stand on top of salt and a perforated plate above the stand. Cover the cooker by removing the gasket and the whistle. Heat the cooker in medium high for about 10-15 minutes.
• As the chocolate batter as cooled little, add the cocoa powder, condensed milk followed by milk and mix it well.
• Finally, add the powdered sugar and maida (plain flour) to the mix. And, a little bit of baking powder. Mix it really well by using the fold technique.
• As the batter is ready, add it to a 13 cm square cake tin covered with parchment paper. Sprinkle some walnuts on top (totally optional though).
• Bake these by placing it on the heated cooker. It shall take about 25- 30 minutes in medium flame.
• Take them out and let them cool completely and serve!!

Fudgier: To make this brownie more fudgier, you can reduce the flour to ½ cup. You can skip the baking powder also, doing these will increase the baking time to about 35-40 mins.

Cakier: You can increase the baking powder to ½ tsp to make it more cakier & lighter.

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  1. meet patel

    can this recipie is baked in microwave?? ….. @cookingshooking

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    Hey your recipes r simple and testy .U present in a simple way. I m very found of your chanel

  3. Sweety Sathe

    plz dear tell about ingredients mins which ingredients take how much

  4. Piyush Ram's channel

    what are the instructions if I want to do it in a microwave oven

  5. potato

    Fudgy browny ^_^

  6. Kabir Sinha

    man I can't find any kind of unsalted butter anywhere. HELP!!!!

  7. Rekha Sharma

    thanks I am 14 years old I made it at home it's yum

  8. tassel RAY

    If we are making only one…so how much time would be required to cook this !!? Pls reply

  9. meenakshi tanwani

    Will u tell the quantity of maidha nd butter nd chocolate

  10. jasmine dhaliwall

    Are you using ATTA or MAIDA????

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    thanks for giving us a wonderful recipes

  12. shivani thakur

    hello sir…….I love dis chocolate cake……….
    I definitely wana try dis at home…….
    love ur…. recipes

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    What if we dont have a perforated plate for baking the cake in a cooker? Please suggest a solution

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    aswm bro

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  16. Jhankhana Shah

    Hi…can we make this brownie in microwave convection mode? What temp n how much time to bake?

  17. Mridu Kapoor

    Hii Yaman..
    love all ur baking recipes.. really thumbs up for ur efforts.. this one is also very nice recipe but have few questions abt it. if i dont wanna add dark chocolate what can be done instead of that. can we add more of a dark cocoa powder to make it more chocolaty n save d recipe as well. Actually have to gift my frnds choco brownies so wanna make it in bulk. n also can i replace butter with oil of same quantity?? please suggest as this will cut down a little on my budget.


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