Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Mmmm. chocolateeee…oh, hi. Sorry I didn’t see you there. I was too busy dreaming about this brownie I want to make.  Get ready for the best brownie recipe ever. Fudgy, moist and mega rich this guy is PACKED with chocolate for the ultimate brownie experience.

For starters, here is my slightly American version of Jemma’s Ultimate Fudge Brownies. Be sure to watch her short video to see her comments first hand.

If you live in the US, you will discover that Cupcake Jemma is from London. And… they use a different system of measuring things than we do here in the U.S. I’ve tried to write down the recipe the best I could.

Be sure to watch her short video to see her comments first hand. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to convert the grams to cups. I never really paid attention before, but I did discover that the product packages show how many grams are in a package. Have you ever noticed that before?

Cupcake Jemma’s Ultimate Chocolate Brownies


250 grams butter 250 grams of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) 350 grams caster sugar (Also known as baker’s sugar. See comment below). 6 free range chicken eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 150 grams plain flour – sifted 1 pinch of salt.

Optional ingredients:

Crushed hazelnuts for crust (Or whatever types of nuts that your like best.) Whipped Cream and chocolate slivers for topping


Grams: In the US, we need will need a food scale to determine the correct amounts to use. I found a food scale at Walmart for less than $15 that shows both pounds and grams. You can find food scales on Amazon also. –

Caster Sugar: This is also known as bakers sugar. It is super fine and melts faster than regular sugar. Yet, it is more coarse or textured than powdered sugar is. Here in the US, you can find caster sugar on Amazon. Yet, you will notice that it is rather expensive. I’ve read that you can make your own caster sugar using a coffee grinder. Making my own caster sugar is on my to do list, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Steps to Prepare these Ultimate, Best Ever Brownies:

Preheat Oven to 180 Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit)

1. Grease a 10 inch baking tin (pan)

2. If you want a nutty crust, spread a layer of crushed hazel nuts over the bottom of your pan. Set aside. Of course, you can use what ever kind of nuts you want.   If you need to crush the nuts, use a rolling pin to smush them.

3. Melt butter and dark chocolate together. She recommends melting the butter and chocolate in a pan over boiling water. Once melted, set aside the melted chocolate and butter so it can cool while you are working on the next step.

4. Beat the eggs and sugar together for a couple of minutes at high speed.

5. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the egg mixture.

6. Add the chocolate mixture to the egg and sugar mixture and mix at low speed until combined.

7. Add a pinch of salt into your sifted flour.

8. Slowly fold the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture. Mix until combined.

9. Add the brownie mixture and spread out evenly.

10. Bake at 180 Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 25 – 35 minutes. Exact time will depend on your oven and how chewy or dry you like your brownies to be. In the video, she cooked hers for 28 minutes.

11. Allow the brownies to cool for one hour.

12. Cut the cooled brownies into 4 x 4 square or what ever size you prefer.

13. If desired, add whipped cream and slivers of chocolate as a topping.



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  1. Andrea Guerrero Vallejo

    i made this recipe, everyone ate it when still warm, after 2 hours there was nothing left and i was the queen of the family…thank you so much for this

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  7. TheGreatJourney89

    I've made it! Everyone was like "OMG it's AMBROSIA!!"
    The final mix was actually more liquid than yours, maybe because the chocolate wasn't really cold when I added to the eggs?

  8. Jade John-Joiles

    can you use milk chocolate instead

  9. AmberLeigh

    Did anyone's batter end up runnier than the one in the video I measured everything down to T and it came out a lot runnier… currently in the oven so we'll see what the end results is like

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    Made these yesterday. I think I over mixed the batter because the batter consistency was too thin. Had to bake it for an 50mins.

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    If I reduce the sugar should I still use 6 eggs or use less eggs??

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    I tried and it was so so so super and yummy thank you very much for your recipe 😋😋😋😋😋😋

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